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Tatanka's People
Roman Legions
The Mongols
Napoleonic Era
Peking 1900
Battle of Ain Jalut
The Russo-Japanese War 1904-05
The Second Boer War(1899--1902)
The Franco-Prussian War (1870-71)
The Battle of Legnica in 1241
Spanish-American War 1898
The Story of Christopher Columbus
The Camaron Battle of 1863 in Mexico
Polish Winged Hussar
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About Team Miniatures

Team Miniatures is a company that is staffed with an experienced and expert team who manufactures toy soldiers and military miniatures since 2005, and has been supplying highly accurate historical miniatures ever since.

Team Miniatures includes designers, sculptors, prototype makers, mold makers and painters. Striving for excellence is the attitude among every teammate¡¯s heart. Team Miniatures chooses the best materials and environmental protection paints and focuses on every detail of production. From researching, image creation, clay sculpture, master painting, mold making, casting assembly along the painting, and much more. Every production is the outcome of the love and hope poured into the company by each team and as a result of perfect team work. All the efforts are geared toward the one goal-that of meeting customers¡¯ demands. For years, Team Miniatures has won the reputation of its clients.

Since we became the makers of toy soldiers and military miniatures, it has enhanced our interests in history and has given us the courage and a desire to make our own toy soldiers and miniatures. My teammates and I love this career and it has become a highly esteemed hobby in our lives. We are specialized in producing toy soldiers and military miniature models, as well as a deep love in creating historical figures. It is our honor to be able to recreate historical scenes as well. As a result of this, we are gathering vital information and putting all our resources together to make sure that every renowned soldier and military miniatures is back to reality. In other words, we recreate history in our arts works.

As Customer demands and satisfaction are our top priorities, it is always very welcoming and a pride for us to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Based on the packaging knowledge, we hardly fail on the transportation process. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you receive a broken or damaged figure from us, please contact us for a refund or a replacement.

Team Miniatures vision is providing the finest and rarest toy soldiers and military miniatures for enthusiasts.

Team Miniatures motto is: ¡°Carry forward handcraft art to express the love of art¡±. From now on, we shall continue as always to bring you the finest miniatures.

Thank you for your usual support.


Best Regards!                                                                                          

Team Miniatures                      


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